Fear is a liar
A great slayer
Tour your strength around
Before you give him a win ground.

Just try it or go cry
For letting fear fry
Your greatness into weakness
Regretting for the lateness.

Fear is a liar
That best player
Who doesn’t want good
For the genius who can ride the wood.


It’s your way or my way
You on your path
Me on my path-
And we meet at the station.

No strings attached
To how you should live life
No man should deceive you
As you search for truth.

The truth is inside you
Don’t search for it in others’ tongues
Or they tell you their way
Which might not be a highway you deserve.


God has a great plan
A plan you shouldn’t despise as from human
A plan so huge to cultivate your potentials
In all dimensions of its residential.

Worship him in your inner temple
Be a great sample
Amongst his worshippers
That are but gossipers.

He has cleared your path
Fear no more for math
Or the fear beneath your heart
Because he alone has figured out the art.


Back home, in Wau
I miss the people and places so wow
The laughs, the love we live
Each day as we thrive to survive.

Home so sweet with hope
Home so rhythmical with poetry, nope
How Wau so wow in applause
Wau is wow and got no menopause.

Back home, we live in peace
Serving peas at every pace
Backbone of Junub, Wau is wow
Wau is wow everyday and now.


You dug a hollow in my soul
A well deep like ocean
A forbidden well for my Lord
Where her highness quench her thirst.

I get closer to you each day I miss you
My heart hurts and hunts for you
I have programmed my soul
Into a website, your home.

You are the Lord of my love
Each kiss from your lips
Taste like ice cream
Thus drives me into bliss.


It’s pure as fur
It’s a black man’s spur
Black is fine gold
It’s old and bold.

Black skin, white heart
White skin, black heart
Black is as beautiful as art
Black is to a beautiful heart.

Black is steel
Black is zeal
Ring the bells
Drain the wells.

Brag cause Black doesn’t crack
Feel proud cause Black doesn’t go back
Black rises like rainbow
Black shoots with bow.