Oo God!

Is it too late for your child

To be home?

I was behind bars, in the back cell

Back cell of hell

Where the devil bribed my soul with a chocolate.

Will you forgive me

Oo God,

For all the shame I blame on the devil

Or leave me to starve more?

I want you back to rib me close

To engulf me like the cells in my liver,

I want you to meditate to me spiritual surviving

So that I might find my way to your palace

In the dreamland.

Let me know, if you have quoted me right

Or perhaps I pray again

Until the echoes of my seashore prayer are heard

Let me know you still love me

Oo God

So that I may not fear light.

©Simon Thiepdit 🇸🇸



I mentioned you once to gods

In my dream,

Why would I then spit in your face?

Yet I misquoted your colour from Genesis.

Things fall apart, they say

But it’s also true that you never die poor

Unless you give up

Believing that every dog has its own day.

You have blocked my path with locks

In a race, remember

What was I to benefit in this fake love

Yet I remember you hugging me once in six years of being bonded.

This is weird to the lonely aliens

Who long to own enterprises like me

In their lives,

Wish you see them starving for me.

But when I finally show my evil face

You will never see my face and your fence

That’s fence not,

But sealed with staring forest.

I want to forget you in my life

But then I think it won’t help

Because I have never loved you in the first place

I played a fair tell for my poems.

When days bleach like your skin,

I will cling to my sling

Until we meet again

At my well off days.

One more break up to sum six times,

I won’t wait for your return from Sudan

To sign a fake peace with you like South Sudan

With expert extroverts enclosed in hotels.

© Simon Thiepdit🇸🇸